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CAPNE Founder & President

My belief is that the home that works together stays together. Over many years volunteering in rescue it became very hard to see great dogs live out years of their lives in boarding or a shelter setting based on imperfect first meetings. These meetings are unfair to the dogs who are presenting as dogs that live bored, restricted lives without a ton of interaction. I watched as a jump of excitement turned potential families away, too hyper was often a verb used. The dogs excitement over having company was a reason for rejection. Worse yet, the dog who has given up. They dont look at you or interact. They know people come and more importantly,  they know people go. A few months earlier they may have been that hyper dog. Even if its not intentional, people judge harshly and through the standards of expectation of a well behaved dog. We want families who are not afraid of commitment and who realize that the real work begins at home- even if the meet and greet is phenomenal.  

This is why I started our rescue 5 years ago. To match deserving dogs to deserving homes. Its time to stop window shopping and invest in a life.

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Vice President

Hi, I am Jessica. I have two awesome children and an amazing Husband Chris in Heaven. My love for animals started young. Growing up we always had dogs and cats. As I got older I learned that they needed to be taken care of better and that many animals were suffering. I vowed I would do whatever I could  to help change that. I adopted my first dog at 18 who was extremely sick. And it all began there. I began helping save dogs with the help of my husband. He was my backbone and helped me accomplish anything that I wanted. We saved dogs, took other people's animals to be altered and more as a family. We wanted to make sure our children knew the importance of speaking up for animals. Since we began we have helped rescue over 300 dogs with the great help of CAPNE. We also worked in GA to spay and neuter over 200 additional pets. We will continue to save forever because thats what's in our blood.  Our hearts light up to see a dogs eyes light up when it knows it is safe.

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Officer & Home Visit Coordinator

Hi my name is Melissa. I am the home visit coordinator and also a foster mom for CAPNE.I'm a NH girl born and raised. I work at a vet office as a room tech which is like a dream come true! I have had a love for animals my whole life from chickens and ducks to horses. I had wanted to foster and be part of a rescue for a long time and saw a post from CAPNE that drew me in. I've been fostering since last July. 

I have four dogs, three cats, some chickens, a bunny, bearded dragon and Mildred the pot belly pig! Two of my pups are foster failures from CAPNE.


Treasurer and Behaviorist

Renee Mack has been involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation since 2005 when she adopted her first shelter dog, Kodee. Kodee was an extremely intelligent, very large, highly anxious Great Dane X  - and he proved to be Renee’s greatest teacher. She dove into the world of animal behavior and training, and left the corporate world to pursue a career in animal welfare. Renee soon began working as a rescue trainer, specializing in socialization and behavior modification. Renee became the manager of an animal shelter in the summer of 2016 where she was responsible for the care and enrichment of many different species of animals. 


She earned a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire in December of 2016 where she focused on the areas of animal behavior, animal disease, and biosecurity/sanitation practices.  Her passion is teaching humans how to better communicate with their dogs.  She lost Kodee at the ripe old age of 13 in February of 2018. She lost the rest of her pack of seniors within the following year (Harley, Pinky, Minnie Mouse, and Pug Pug).  Renee currently lives in Manchester, NH with her adopted dogs; Dillinger, Stacks, and Samantha.  She enjoys camping, hiking, and any activity that her dogs can be a part of. 


Angel Officer

Chris Cagle worked tirelessly for our rescue and for the dogs survival. Always happy to invite a dog in and show them what a loving home could feel like, Chris had a heart as big as Texas. He would pick dogs up and bring them to appointments and honestly, there was nothing he wouldn't do to help. Rescue was a family affair.

On Dec 26 2019 Chris, his wife Jessica (our VP) and their children were almost to a foster home when their tire blew out. The foster picked Jessica and the kids up so they could go ahead and vaccinate our puppies. Chris stayed behind to change the tire. Jessica finished and Chris still had not shown up. Tragically the van had somehow fallen upon Chris and he left us on Dec 31st 2019. Chris left behind his devastated wife, Jessica and their two children Zachary and Autumn. We are sure that many homeless animals were waiting at the bridge for the honor of crossing with him.



I was born an animal lover with a special fondness for dogs. 


I have been involved with CAPNE since 2016 and have learned so much from this experience.


Our first American Bulldog was from CAPNE in March of 2016. Soon after that we fostered a small little pitty from CAPNE and became parents of two beautiful rescue dogs.


Approximately a year later we adopted another beautiful boy from CAPNE. He won our hearts and this brought us to three CAPNE rescues ❤️

We now have met our city’s limit of three dogs per household or we’d have more!


I have volunteered in different ways over the past four years, and am on the Board of Directors for CAPNE.


I am a busy grandma that is involved in homeschooling, babysitting, and am a home health care assistant.


Although rescue can be stressful at times it’s rewarding to know you were part of a process to help an innocent life. I appreciate the opportunity to have learned about what is involved in rescue and will always do whatever I am able to.

Julie Greene

Board Member

Board member Julie Greene has been involved in rescue since 2012.  She grew up in Youngstown Ohio and moved to New England in 1998 after graduating from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She still works at the same practice that she started at way back in 1998!!!  She currently resides with 7 cats and 3 pibbles, all rescued of course!!!

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